Thursday, October 29, 2020

Brocade sari

Brocade sari 

Brocade is an ornate shuttle-woven fabric, often made with colorful threads silk, cotton, polyester, and sometimes with gold and silver threads. Brocade is originally a Kurdish word in Arabic is sometimes pronounced as ‘Brocar’. The word ‘Bro’ means the prophet and the word ‘Car’ means job or craft.

Historical Background

The weaving industry of Brocade textile reached its peak during the Mughal period due to the patronage of Akbar. The Persian patterns and motifs were prominent in this period due to the influence Persian artisans in the court of emperor Akbar.Banarasi brocades are composed of gold patterning known as ‘Kalabattu’. These gold threads have become a signature for the Brocade Indian Fabric.

The Making

Brocade is typically woven on a draw loom in which each thread can be controlled separately. Brocade is then woven using a weft technique, Brocade is woven. In spite of its intricate weave, the final fabric of Brocade resembles an embroidered texture.


Extra care should be taken to make the Brocade fabric last longer. Read the specific fabric instructions as some Brocade fabrics can be hand washed while some are dry clean only.

Also, the Brocade garment should not be put in the dryer as it may pull and crush the fabric. It should be dried out flat and away from direct sunlight to ensure longevity.

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