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Kerala Saree

Kerala Saree

Sarees and set Mundu are very When one sees beautifully woven and simple sarees adorning the bodies of women, one can bet that they are from God’s own country Kerala. The climate and, the natural surroundings make way for simplicity. One can see the set sarees, the traditional wear of Kerala being draped in one single style by most women. In rural areas, the traditional style of draping the saree is still being followed. Set similar to each other.

Origin & History

Set Sari resembles the set Mundu very closely. The Set mundu is the traditional clothing of Kerala that originated from the Sattika variety found in the Jainism and Buddhism. Till date, the set Mundu is observed as a traditional form of clothing in Kerala. Textiles in Kerala have been present since the British era. A very predominant textile that is famous across the globe is the Calico textile known for the beautiful cotton and other fabrics it materializes. It has been running in the city of Calicut Kerala since the 11th century.


The sarees in this region bear a very traditional and lovely style and design. Marked by the immense goodness and beauty of nature surrounding this region, the sarees too are very beautifully designed. The colors match the beauty surrounding Kerela and do complete justice. Most sarees found in Kerala may lack in colors but, are beautifully designed at the borders and become their unique selling point!

Wearing Kerala Saree

 like marriage, party, and religious festivals. The textiles of Kerala give out sarees that match every occasion. Gold marks the beauty of Kerala sarees. When one accessorizes with gold jewelry and matches it with a chic pair of shoes or heels, they enhance the beauty of these sarees.

The textiles in Kerala are huge manufacturers of sarees in silk and cotton. So, basically, it suits not only every occasion but also every kind of environment. The sarees need to be draped in a manner that the pallu stays stiff and, does not fall off. With cotton and silk, maintenance is not such a difficult task. Dry cleaning, however, would be the best option. Also, one can wear these sarees in the monsoon too. The reason eing Kerala sarees are most suited for the monsoon.

Interesting Facts and Comparisons

Calico mill is the oldest textile mill of Kerala.

The kuthumapally variety of saree was traditionally hand woven.

Most Kerala handloom sarees are off white in color.


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