Saturday, November 7, 2020

Bhagalpuri Sari

Bhagalpuri Silk Sari 

The finest texture of Silk springing out from the essence of nature and known as the ‘Queen of all fabrics’, Bhagalpuri Silk is very well known for its unique and striking resilience and superior quality. This intrinsic artwork showcases the original essence of Bhagalpur in its purest and flawless form. It is filled with every slice of Indian cultural aspects which are drawn from the intricacies of the natural surroundings and which are symbolic in its own form.

Origin and History

This elegant form of embroidered artwork found its name, fame and recognition from the soil of Bhagalpur which is also popularly referred to as the ‘Silk City’. This purest and natural form of embroidered silk fabric traces its existence and emergence way back to the Vedic Age, which is centuries ago. However, the Maurya Age also recognized the magical soul of this artwork which managed to lure and attract majority of the people during that era and this attraction passed onto the later eras which slowly and gradually uplifted the level of recognition and demand of this artwork.


There are many specialties and varieties that enhance and spread out the beauty of this artwork to a greater extent. Varieties like Katia, Giccha, Eri, Mulberry and various varieties of Tussar silk yarn facilitate in giving this fabric a pastoral look and provide an essence of delicateness to its texture. These varieties are known to give the fabric a rich and a royal outlook and retaining the enchanting designs and motifs imprinted in them.


This artwork crediting to its popularity gathered during the traditional era provided the opportunity to be worn during religious ceremonies, formal occasions, celebrations, and traditional get-togethers. However nowadays with the innovative touch, these garments can be worn for every occasion, be it formal or even non-formal as their designs are delicate, intricate and can mold itself into any form of gathering.


Initially dry washes are suggested to maintain the richness and brightness of the fabric, after which gentle hand washes can sustain the beauty and longevity of the fabric.


Pure Gold and Silver jewelry can compliment this fabric, as this artwork is known for its traditional sense. However kundan and Pearl jewelry can also gel well with the look of this fabric.

Interesting Facts and Comparisons 

Bangalore and Mysore Silk have always been in competition with this artwork. However, the quality and finesse of this embroidery stand apart.

This embroidery is also eco-friendly in nature and in this silk not many silkworms are killed.

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