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Block Printing Sari

Block Printing Sari  
Remember, when you were 8 years old, you took out a ladyfinger cut it in two halves dipped it in water color and painted the canvas with the colors of your choice. That is how you can infer hand block prints technique to be like.
The intricate designs that you see printed on the fabric are not designed using a brush. They are patterns printed using wooden blocks. The fine and adorable prints in the shape of flowers, leaves, animals and abstract designs, give a simple cloth an interesting face.

Origin and History

The art of creating block print that is equal and aligned was a requirement felt quite early in the history of the Indian fashion industry. The hand block printing technique was created somewhere as early as 3000 BC. History acquaints us with the art as a tradition followed by the civilization of Mesopotamia. The engraved patterns on the coins used at that time are archaeological examples of the existence of block printing at that time.

Wearing Block Prints

Experimenting with looks is so much fun with block prints. A long Flared Skirt with a Vest Top, complimented with delicate metallic jewelry gives a chic and modern look. For a traditional look, try a block printed salwar suit with light pearl jewelry.

Block prints are multi-ethnic. Their global and Indian demand stems from the fact that the print industry is an indispensable part of fashion and interiors. Climate is not a constraint for block printing because the fabrics used for block printing could be of any nature.


Some basics like washing them on the reverse, ironing them regularly and keeping them free of stains can easily add value to the life of the block printed fabrics.

Facts And Comparisons

Hand block printing will cost you five times less than a Phulkari and is five times more popular than it.

The state of Rajasthan is the home of hand block printing

Hand block printing technique is used in almost every industry related to fashion and interiors.

Use of natural colors has increased the demand for hand block printing by more than 40%.

It is extremely difficult to find out whether a fabric is screen printed or block printed.

During the Mughal era, the block printing technique was a design technique much admired by the imperial class.

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