Sunday, November 1, 2020

Pochampalli Silk Sari

Pochampalli Silk  
Pochampally or Pochampalli Silk is a type of silk originating from the town of Boodhan Pochampally, located in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh, India. The town is popularly known as the silk city of India. Pochampalli Silk sarees are culturally popular for the Ikat styling and designs imprinted on this fabric. These Ikat patterns are intrinsically woven onto the fabric in geometrical designs ensuring that the entire look spreads a mesmerizing essence to the wearer as well as to the onlooker.
This aesthetic artwork traces its origin to the 18th century, the era which witnessed the mystic beauty of this fabric emerging out of the Pochampally town. This town had 80 villages under its wing, which initiated this artwork with traditional looms.

 However, in the 1970s the panel of headmen of Pochampally decided to blend the essence of cotton and silk together by weaving them together to upscale their living           conditions. This weaving journey took the skilled weavers of tfhe Pochampally town         to Bangalore, and thus marked the beginning of this popular artwork, which loored           millions across the world.


Pochampalli silk is all about getting the intricate motifs and designs imprinted onto the fabric through the smoothest and finest thread-work of cotton and silk. The geometrically patterned designs are colored onto the weft and warp threads and are artistically woven into the Pochampalli fabric. The essence of the fabric consists of a unique concoction of sico, silk and cotton. Natural elements and sources are taken into the manufacturing process of these saris.

Wearing the Attire

Bridal jewelry which consists of gold plated designs, studded with precious stones and pearls complements the Pochampally Silk attires the best.


Pochampalli silk saris are light-weight & comfortable. Hence it is a great fabric to be worn in summers.

Silk being the major component of a Pochampally Saree, it makes for a great pick for ceremonial occasions like a wedding or festival.

Interesting Facts and Comparisons

Cotton saris, as well as saris of different silk fabrics like tussar silk, khadi silk, etc, stand as competitors to Pochampalli silk saris. However the comfort factor it provides as well as the ethnicity that it showcases, makes it stand apart from the rest.

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