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Linen Trousers

Linen Trousers 

Derived from fibers of the flax plant, linen is one of the oldest and most multifaceted fabrics in the world, with origins dating all the way back to 36,000 BP. While cotton often takes the cake for being versatile and soft, fiber has a rep for being breathable, light, and fresh—in other words, the official fabric of warm-weather seasons. Linen's role varies widely, hence the use of the term "linens" to describe bed and bath textiles as well as undergarments, but when it comes to trousers, no fabric is cooler to the touch. Just in time for summer, CR explores the role of the breezy linen pant throughout history.

When it comes to daily fashion, sporting a unique look is easier said than done. Sure, you can develop a wardrobe that suits your personality but how do you truly pull a style that distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd?

More often than not, trousers can make or break your style game. They’re often given a backseat, but only a true fashion icon knows how crucial the foundation of your garb is.

However, it is the comfort of the fabric you’re wearing that really makes your style game shine. There’s just something about Linen that makes it stand out amongst other trouser fabrics. Special occasions and festivities aside, even for daily use, it easily triumphs over regular cotton trousers due to the fabric’s superior comfort, breathability and sartorial charm.

Let’s have a look at how Linen trousers can be combined with the latest trouser trends:

The Slim “Hit”

Over the last decade, the ubiquitous influence of slim-fit trousers has driven fashion gurus to officially declare a backlash on the once-popular trouser style. Linen makes an exception here, simply due to its fabric quality. For those who still struggle to take off their skinny jeans after a long work day, Linen comes as a saviour due to its breathable texture that keeps things comfortable, even in the tightest corners. This stark difference in comfort from cotton trousers or blends is all thanks to Linen’s loose weave ratio which allows air to seep in, making it the comfortable summer fabric to wear.

Easy and Effortless

If you still find slim-fit a more demanding trouser style, you can always go back to the evergreen relaxed-legged style. It might be an old staple but with the right tailoring and accompanying uppers, casual Linen trousers can help you flaunt some of that 1950s-inspired NY look in the tropical back lanes of India. During the process of stitching, pay attention to the length and girth of your trouser. Too big and you might give signals that you’d been sneaking into your dad’s closet. Too short and you’ll end up looking like a beach bum. If you’re still confused, just walk in to a Linen Club store and ask our master tailors.

The Party Ensemble

A wedding, a party or a just grand event – the tux is the tried-and-tested outfit that most swear by. While the blazer demands all the attention, the understated trousers carry the weight of delivering a sartorial yet comfortable experience. Moreover, one need not scout for branded trousers anymore for fashionable designer pants that go hand-in-hand with a tuxedo. There are a plethora of fittings and styles that can get tailored in relatively no time.

While tailoring, you can go the extra mile in styling your pockets too. Tuxedos are all about alignment and a pair of well-tailored vertically cut welt pockets can perfectly complement the pleats of your trousers. You can also bring back some retro magic with Jodhpur or frog-mouthed pockets. These pocket styles enjoyed widespread popularity around the 60s and even today flaunt a cool and comfortable vibe.

Getting a pair of Linen trousers also save you from the frequent trips to the mall to replace your worn-out trousers. If the fabric is well-maintained, Linen trousers can easily last a lifetime. To put that in perspective, the linen curtains found in King Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt were found completely intact thousands of years later. While we’re certain you won’t be wearing your trousers in thousands of years, Linen fibres are still known for their extremely high tensile strength and in fact, become better with use. Here are a few ways you can ensure the longevity of your Linen clothing.

1. While washing, use the maximum amount of water level in the washing machine. This allows enough space for the clothes to move around.

2. Always wash in lukewarm water as temperatures that are too hot or too cold may damage the fabric.

3. It’s best to iron your Linen clothes while they are slightly damp.

All in all, Linen pants are easily your go-to lowers for this summer. And with Linen Club’s wide catalogue as your wardrobe’s super-power, all you have to do is put your hand in your closet to find something incredible to wear.

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