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Pullover (from the English pull over for (the) overcoat , also called sweater for short ) is the name for a frequently knitted item of clothing for the upper body with long sleeves , which usually has to be pulled over the head . Another name for this is jumper .

The word comes from English and means overcoat ( to pull = to pull, over = over). The term sweater only entered the German vocabulary around 1817 .

Since around 1950 the word sweater , which was originally used to describe a sweater , has been used almost synonymously. Today in everyday parlance mostly only knitted sweaters are referred to as sweaters. Similar to pullovers, made of finely knitted sweatshirt material are called sweatshirts . Brightly patterned sweaters are usually called jacquard sweaters after Joseph-Marie Jacquard .

In today's adolescents and young adults are sweatshirts total of often more popular than knitting sweaters. Sweatshirts have developed into basic components of contemporary fashion (basics). In the course of further developments in the fashion sector, the formerly classic word “pullover” now also refers to garments that not only have traditional features (e.g. long sleeves). In the course of a liberalization of the definition, cardigans or polo shirts with long sleeves are also called pullovers, which is technically incorrect, however. Accordingly, the traditional notion of “pulling over your head” as a mandatory reference point for determination is no longer up-to-date.

Due to their flat surface, thin pullovers / sweatshirts are suitable for printing, so they are available as fan relics and with various motifs and slogans. Some of the lettering or motifs are also embroidered or sewn on. Brand-oriented people of the younger and middle generation like to wear sweatshirts with bold brand logos . Sweatshirts are also available with attached hoods ( hoodies ). Sweatshirts have a sportier image.

Sweaters are made from many textile fibers, such as B. Virgin wool , cashmere wool , silk and cotton . Additions of synthetic fibers such as polyacrylic are widely used to improve dimensional stability.

The most common are the V-neckline (including, depending on the style of clothing, T-shirt , polo shirt , shirt or shirt with tie), the round neckline and the half-high neckline, or "mockneck". There is also the boat neckline and the turtleneck . Short-sleeved sweaters are a special form.  Sweaters with zippers, on the other hand, usually do not have a collar.

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