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Raglan T-Shirt

Raglan T-Shirt   

What Is a Raglan T-Shirt?

Classic, cool, and clean These are the hallmarks of the essential raglan sleeve t-shirt. This creative and rather nostalgic wardrobe staple has a long and interesting history that takes us from its wartime origins into a modern-day fashion statement.

Today, raglan sleeve shirts are adaptable enough to make their mark on sweatshirts, pullovers, and so much more. Whether you’re a fan of the major leagues or you’re a sartorialist with a flair for color-blocking, the raglan sleeve proves that comfortable threads are still relevant to personal style.

The name raglan comes from the style of the shirt rather than the fabric it is made out of. These tees are characterized by having sleevesThe history of the raglan shirt has some surprising origins. During the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, Lord Raglan wore a coat with this continuous style of sleeve to allow for more seamless and unrestricted movement. However, he only had this style fashioned after he lost his arm to amputation. Raglan needed more room to swivel and wield a sword during this decisive battle, and the style has lived on since. 

 that extend all the way to the collar and neckline, rather than ending at the shoulder. The sleeves of the raglan tee are generally a different color than the rest of the shirt.

Originally, a raglan t-shirt was a white shirt with a three quarter length sleeve that was either red, blue, or black. Luckily, designers and t-shirt manufacturers are getting more creative and are giving the public a lot more options. Screen printers and non-decorators alike can now get raglans in short sleeve, ¾, and long-sleeved styles with multiple color options for both adults and kids. Raglan t-shirts are even available for our four-legged friends!

You can trace the popularity of the raglan sleeve to its unique and rather genius construction. It’s a sleeve type that is different from other common sleeves, such as the drop sleeve or the set-in sleeve. You can distinguish between the three by the stitching method and the location of the seam. 

As the name suggests, a “set-in” sleeve is not continuous. Instead, it is set into the larger frame of the t-shirt or sweater through the stitching. However, it is an entirely separate piece that must be attached. 

This comes with its own limitations and benefits. A drop sleeve is similar to a set-in sleeve as it features a seam from the underarm to the shoulder. However, a drop sleeve’s seam cuts diagonally and ends at the upper shoulder, almost at the arm. The resulting fit is more relaxed than a set-in sleeve.

While the sleeves are an iconic feature of the raglan, the fit and style are largely responsible for its popularity. Its relaxed and comfy fit is perfect for everyday casual wear and sportswear too. You often see it worn in one of America’s favorite sports, which is why the raglan is affectionately nicknamed the “baseball t-shirt”.  

Raglan shirts come in a variety of different fabric blends. Most are a mixture of polyester and other fabric. Commonly, the polyester is mixed with cotton, but you can also find these tees in 100% polyester, 100% cotton, and fleece blends.

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