Friday, January 15, 2021



Bajuband  it is a type of bracelet worn on the upper part of the arm. Originally, this piece of jewelry was only worn by men.  Men and womenfolk of the rural areas wore these bajubandhs or armlets in pair, but over a period of time single armlets became more popular among women.

Armlets create style statement for both men and women in present times. Besides being a wedding jewelry, armlets are also fashion jewellery.

There are various kinds of armlets that range from delicate ones to absolutely sturdy ones. The sturdy ones are especially meant for men folk while the delicate ones are meant to be worn by women.

Earlier, precious metals like gold and silver were considered perfect to style the armlet, in the present times a lot of people wear these armlets made of imitation metals including oxidized silver. The shapes also determine styles. The shapes include those of snakes and crocodiles that originate from ancient cultures. Of late, intricate designs carved by designers have started doing the rounds.

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