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Bugadi Earrings are the traditional style of earrings worn specifically in the region of Maharashtra. This type of earrings is worn over the top rim of ears. These could be attached or worn if there's a piercing. Bugadi earrings come in a diverse range of designs and look absolutely gorgeous when paired with Maharashtrian style saree. It is one of the essential jewellery pieces worn by the brides and married women in this region. Gold, pearls, gemstones, and diamonds are some of the versions in which Bugadi earrings are made.

Bugadi earrings are most common and popular earrings which are attached over the ears. These bugadi earrings or ear bugadi are made in authentic designs that add a separate edge to one's appearance. 

No matter which bugadi earring you are searching for you can find a plethora of designs .These are crafted with immaculate designing and dexterity offering an edge of authentic accessories in the different price range. Whether it is low priced Maharashtrian bugadi with pearls and studs attached or resplendent and aesthetically beatific bugadi earring designs from different parts of the country we offer it all. All you need to do is get to our website and pick the latest collection which can render you, your desired style and fashion.

From oxidised bugadi earrings to traditional Maharashtrian bugadi design which is worn on the top side of the ear, these bugadi design offer the ultimate stop for fashion backed by tradition. Moreover, one need not pierce their ears for wearing the ear bugadi and all you have to do is fix it with a hoop which is attached to the bugadi earring.

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