Sunday, January 17, 2021



Beautiful chabi chhalla, but should be inserted just at the edge of the pleats. Not only it looks better, it also activates acupressure points on the waist which act to keep the throat clear of phlegm, thereby keeping the voice clear & reducing the urge to clear the throat frequently. It may however require a heavier ornament with a wider & longer hook work effectively.

Waist jewelry makes the best accessory for adorning with saree. A saree challa aids in enhancing beauty by adding an edge to one’s appearance. A wonderful range of saree challa which would go well with silk sarees, chiffon and designer sarees. This is available in gold challa and silver challa designs attached with single to multiple strings.

Flaunt the beatific waist jewelry available as gold challa and silver challa designs with price that is completely affordable.

Our silver challa price is no sky rocketing. Rather with our silver challa price range, you can purchase for best contemporary and traditional designs. We aim to provide our customers enticing silver challa designs with price that fits their budget.

Body chains are a pro nowadays. They add to the appeal of women and makes a great piece of ornamentation if you love to flaunt your waist. Waist jewelry is known as challa are one of the most trending accessories, that has swept girls off their feet. So, if you are thinking of presenting your beloved something other than a ring or an earring why not try waist jewelry? Thinking of where to find a silver challa or a gold challa? 

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