Friday, January 1, 2021

Gainsborough Hat

Gainsborough Hat  

A picture hat or Gainsborough hat is an elaborate woman's hat with a wide brim.It has been suggested that the name may be derived from the way the broad brim frames the face to create a "picture".

This is a very broad category of hat; some versions may be similar to the halo or cartwheel hat. This style featured in virtually every decade of the 20th century, and has a history dating back to at least the 18th century.

The picture hat was first popularised as a style at the end of the 18th century and is said to have been inspired by the hats seen on portraits of society women painted by Thomas Gainsborough. It was then often known as the Gainsborough Chapeau. Other names included garden hat.These early hats were large, with a wide brim and were designed to perch on top of the lavish hairstyles popular during this era. Hats incorporated details such as feathers and trims – some are said to have even included whole stuffed birds.

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