Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Glass Bangles

Glass Bangles  

Almost every Indian wedding song celebrates the beauty and grandeur of glass bangles. They are not mere ornaments but are a signifying factor for what makes Indian women stand apart in style, tradition, and culture. Right from being considered auspicious to being the symbol of a woman’s marital status, bangles play various roles in the lives of women, particularly in India.

In the last several years, glass bangles have become a prominent fashion statement besides being of traditional significance still. Various forms of glass bangles have come up in recent times. No longer are the colors restricted to green, reds and maroons. One can find a vast array of colors such as pinks, purples, yellows, greens, black, gold, silver, orange, blue and even white. The traditional glass bangles are thin, but these days the markets are flooded with thick sized glass bangles which are either square or round in shape and come with all kinds of add-ons and styles.

The traditional glass bangles are still worn by married women to symbolize their marital status. The bangles are also worn on special occasions like festivals, functions, and religious occasions with sarees, salwar kameez, and lehengas. But they can be worn anytime regardless of the occasion. Whether one wants a fancier set of bangles, or the simpler kind, there is a variety to suit everyone’s basic need and taste.

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