Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Hath Phool


This Hathphool (or flowers for the hand), also sometimes called the Panchangala (or jewel for the five fingers), is from Rajasthan. It consists of a Kundan-set flower-encrusted bracelet with stone-set chains leading to another flower on the back of the palm and similar chains connecting it to the five rings on the five fingers, each ring with a different flower motif. The reverse of the jewel is covered with enamel designs. On the left thumb is an arsi or mirror, for last-minute preening by the wearer!

The setting of stones known as Kundan is achieved by little pits being carved out in the front of the ornament of the size of the stones being used. Precious stones are set in these hollows and kept in place by a band of the purest gold.

The reverse of this ornament is covered with intricate enamelling of different colors.

The hands of the wearer are decorated with mehendi or henna designs, an essential decoration for a bride of the north, itself a work of art.

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