Monday, January 25, 2021

Kazaz Jewelry

Kazaz Jewelry 

Kazaz is one of the rare and rapidly disappearing handcrafts. It is an ancient craftsmanship and found in Turkey originally. The word, “kazaz” means, the person who produces and/or sells silk yarns. Technique of weaving this beautiful jewelry uses 0.08 or 0.09 millimeter (approximately the thickness of a hair) pure gold or pure silver wire wrapped around either silk or nylon threads. This silver or gold wire becomes very strong and flexible so that it can be woven without breaking. Generally, three different thicknesses are used to make jewelry: Thin for making chains, medium thickness for earrings, and thick for pendants and bracelets. The overall thickness of these wrapped wires are between 0.3mm to 0.5mm.

This is also one of the hardest handmade jewelry technique. Kazaz jewels has their own unique style which is not compareable with another jewelry design. All of kazaz jewelry made by hand and have to be master degree to manufacture this jewelry. Kazaz silver jewels made by hand with only 1000 carat silver or 24 carat gold. A strand of 1000 carat silver or 24 carat gold having only 0.08 micron thickness (which one is same thickness as one strand of human hair) is wrapped over a very thin silk thread with the help of a spinning wheel. This process made by hand without any power tools. Hand made kazaz wire can be 3-5 mm thick and it is non-breakable.

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