Monday, January 11, 2021

Lika Cap

Lika Cap  

The Lika cap also known as kićanka ("tassel"), is an important cultural symbol of the Lika region in Croatia part of the Lika national costume, traditionally worn by local Croats and Serbs. The cap is cylinder-shaped with a flat top in red colour and the sides are black, and a black tassels often hangs down the back.

According to Supičić and Ivančević the Lika cap is a derivation of the Iapode headgear; During the Bronze Age, the Iapodes used a bronze sheet as the base of their cap, which was lined with textile or leather, and attached with a bronze fringe. Of all short round caps, the Lika cap is the nearest to the caps seen on Illyrian bronze fragments. The Slavic settlers adopted part of native Iapode culture, and part of their dress, such as the cap.

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