Friday, January 15, 2021

Moti Haar

Moti Haar 

Moti Haar is a collar or choker style necklace which is heavily crafted with lots of pearls and along with it come adornments of stones and diamonds too. The range of traditional Moti Haars is diverse as the necklaces generally have two, three or more layers of pearls strands and often times a pendant hanging in the middle which lends a richer look to an already exquisite-looking ethnic necklace.

Moti choker necklace or moti haar is the close neck fitting neck-piece.  It is beautifully woven with pearl beads and has different pendants embedded with pink-green colour stones.  There are different types of Maharashtrian moti choker necklace and one of them is Chinchpeti haar, it is a choker style Maharashtrian necklace which is a combination of moti, gold and stones. 

The Maharashtrian necklace is different because of its unique ethnic look.  The designs of Maharashtrian jewellery is inspired by the Peshwai jewellery.  Many designs and patterns are available in Maharashtrian necklace and one of the most demanding Maharashtrian necklaces is moti haar (pearl necklace) and choker necklace .

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