Saturday, January 16, 2021



Women found to build a silver one ornament. Paijeb are worn on the feet. It has small curls . As you walk, you hear the roar of the bells . The claws are thick, thin and of medium size. There are thick curls, dumb curls, squeaky claws. These claws are available in the market. Newly made claws are inserted.

Worn around the ankle, Payal, also known as Anklet, Paijeb and Paizeb, is the modern and compact version of Ghoonghru. In India, Payal or Paijeb was an essential part of a girl’s life right from the time of her birth, to wearing it throughout her life. However, today Anklets are more of a symbolic ornament in different parts of the world, and are worn for different reasons.

Women from Rajasthan wear the heaviest payals made out of silver, which signifies their tribe. Heavy payals are still worn in the rural areas of India, as it is compulsory for women to wear them after marriage. Other varieties include the simple silver pair of payal worn by married women in India, meenakari and Kundan work Paijeb worn by the brides, Golden Payal with tinkerbells at the hook for festivals, and many more.

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