Saturday, January 16, 2021

Putli Haar

Putli Haar  

The Putli haar / mala is a very special unique design of Necklace choker jewellery with coin type putli's of Ramavatar / Lakshmi are woven n decorated with golden jari . Still this necklace found in Marathi ladies in villages.

A longer necklace, the putli haar, is a gold chain that hangs at least a foot below the bride’s neck. It is another traditional necklace that hails from Kolhapur, and it is made of  beads or discs closely sewn together. These beads or discs often contain religious motifs of Laxmi or the goddess Sita, who was an avatar of Laxmi – the goddess of wealth. The heavy gold structure of the necklace represents wealth and fortune for the bride and her groom.

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