Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Salvation bracelet

Salvation bracelet   

The salvation bracelet, also known as the gospel bracelet, witness bracelet, or wordless bracelet, is a bracelet used as a tool of Christian evangelism. The bracelet consists of a series of colored beads which represent key aspects of the Christian gospel.

Although some are made by professional jewelry designers, salvation bracelets are more often hand-crafted, and are worn as a symbol and a reminder of faithful seeking of God.

American churches often send them with evangelizing missions, both domestic and to other parts of the world. They are also distributed at congregation events, and sometimes hidden inside plastic eggs at the annual Easter Egg hunt.

The key features of the Salvation Bracelet are the colored beads. As with the Wordless Book, there are several variations. Jefferson Bethke suggests that the usual order and meanings is as follows:

Black to represent sin

Red to represent blood

Blue to represent baptism

White to represent cleansing

Green bead to represent growth

Yellow to represent Heaven

Bethke criticizes this arrangement on basis that it starts with sin, whereas the Bible starts with God's good creation.Other writers object to using black at all, on the basis that the color scheme reinforces the "racist association" of "black" with "sin".

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