Sunday, January 17, 2021

Thushi Mangalsutra

Thushi Mangalsutra  

The  Thushi Mangalsutra is a Hindu symbol of marriage union. It is a sacred pendant, used by women as a symbol of their marriage, symbolizing love and goodwill. The Thushi Mangalsutra is very important in Hindu culture, to such an extent that it is considered the most revered symbol of love and respect that is offered to the bride during the marriage ceremony. 

The word Thushi Mangalsutra literally means "an auspicious pendant." Usually it is a gold pendant with yellow thread dyed with turmeric , but it can also be a chain of black beads, a necklace with gold discs or pearl ornaments, or simply a gold chain, depending on the purchasing power or local culture. It is comparable to the marriage alliance of the West and it is expected that the woman who has just married and receives the pendant, will wear it until the death of her husband.

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