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Maharashtrian jewellery is one of the most unique collections of different jewellery pieces that you will find. From gold to pearl to diamonds, there is a huge variety of jewellery designs that a maharashtrian bride wears. A traditional Maharashtrian thushi originated in Kolhapur, a city in Maharashtra. It is a choker style neckpiece woven with gold beads very closely. Usually it will always have a leather dora (string) to tie the golden balls of the necklace together but with variations in design, this may differ. Thushi is one jewellery piece that is light, re-usable easily and perfect for brides who want to layer their jewellery on the wedding day. If you are keen on picking one, check out these noteworthy thushi designs every marathi bride would adore!

Thushi is a choker style neckpiece woven with the gold beads very closely. It comes with an adjustable dori so that you can adjust it according to your neck. It looks nice when teamed with paithani saree.

Thushi necklaces are thick chains of closely-placed golden balls held together by a leather strand or piece of rope. ... The necklace can be furthered adorned with lac centerpieces for color and variety.

Tushi necklace or thusi necklace is a traditional Maharashtrian necklace that is made by closely placing golden balls filled with wax to form sturdy jewellery. This Maharashtrian jewellery has become famous all over India because of its lightweight and budget-friendly price point.

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