Thursday, February 11, 2021

Diamonds jewelry

Diamonds jewelry 

Diamonds are indeed a girls’ best friend. Carrying forward this beautiful affair between women and diamonds is the polki variety of traditional diamond jewelry. Uncut diamonds are used to carve this beauty and therefore it comes at a rather inexpensive rate. One can see the raw beauty and color of diamonds in this jewelry form which is otherwise ruptured by the shine of cut diamonds. The uncut diamonds along with other precious and imitation gemstones fit perfectly to create the raw beauty of Polki jewelry.

Polki is an art form that came alive during the Mughal Era, and is more than a thousand years old. It evolved as a specialty of designing traditional jewelry out of uncut diamonds. This art was a specialty of Bikaner which later traveled to different parts of the country. Polki jewelry comes in different hues.

The overall inherent style of the Polki jewelry is traditional and cultural. Over the last several years however, this form of jewelry has evolved in many different ways which sets them apart from many handicrafts in India.

The modern day innovations involve more than just an un-cut technique, which has made it popular in the country and beyond. There has been an inclusion of rubies, emeralds, and pearls which have enhanced the overall look of polka jewelry.

Most suited for bridal and traditional wear, the colors and forms of this jewelry make the trousseau attractive and appealing to one and all. Apart from weddings and religious occasions, Polki is also a great gifting item regardless of the occasion.

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